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The present General Terms and Conditions apply to all current and future purchases of products from the internet-boutique of THE WATCHOUSE. These terms can automatically be consulted on the website of THE WATCHHOUSE, under the section �Our collection�. As a result, placing on order at THE WATCHHOUSE means that the buyer accepts the General Terms and Conditions without any reservation.


All quotations of prices are indicated in EUR, incl. taxes. Delivery and handling costs are not included in these prices.

All orders, whatever their origin may be, have to be paid in EUR.
THE WATCHHOUSE has the right to increase the prices whenever they think it is necessary. However the ordered products will be invoiced based on the prices and availability applicable upon the ordering date.


All our products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on our website and within the limits of our available stocks.

If the article you want to order is not available, we will inform you a.s.a.p. (per letter or per e-mail). Your order will be automatically cancelled and if your bank account has already been charged, you will be refunded.


The purchased articles through the website of THE WATCHHOUSE will be delivered at the address indicated by the buyer during the ordering process.


If the delivery is not in accordance with the description in our website, we will totally refund the buyer.

We agree upon refunding the client or exchanging the article if there is no accordance with the placed order. The request should take place within 7 working days after delivery date.
No return of products shall be accepted without receiving a �Return Authorization� (number) granted by our customer service. You can ask for this number by simply calling our customer service.

The “Return Authorization” has to be clearly sticked on the shipment/parcel. If this is not the case, THE WATCHHOUSE has the right to refuse it. Moreover we advise you to send the parcel by registered mail or with registered shipment (+ adequate insurance in case of loss).

The refund will be executed within a period of 30 days.


You can choose between the following means of payment :
– Either with a bank transfer,

– Or with a postal money order

– Or through a bank card that is, in this case, only used for the payment of the deposit up to maximum 20% of the purchase price, the balance being afterwards payable according to one of the modes stipulated here before.

In case of a deposit payment, it will be considered as a guarantee. If the balance is not paid within one month, the purchase will be resolved by rights, without prejudice of the renunciation law of the buyer according to article 11, and the WATCHHOUSE can preserve the advance as a basic compensation in case of termination without amply having to prove its damage.

The purchaser will not accept any shipment/parcel C.O.D. (cash on delivery) whatever reason there might be.
The delivery of the ordered products will only take place after the payment has been received by THE WATCHHOUSE.


The client who is responsible for the online payment to THE WATCHHOUSE is protected by a security system consisting of a SSL encryptage. The exposed data will under no circumstances be managed or filed on our servers.


All personal information (name, address, telephone number, fax, e-mail address, IP of your computer, …) that has been transmitted to THE WATCHHOUSE is exclusively destined for internal use only and will never be passed on to third parties.

This information will not be used without your prior approval, except in case we want to send you a letter of an e-mail message.

In accordance with the prevailing legislation, you are allowed to look into your personal information and to eventually adapt it. If you want to do so, please send an e-mail message to


THE WATCHHOUSE is exclusively liable for the information distributed on their own website.

In case of an obvious difference between the characteristics of the product and its real presentation and/or the terms of sale, any liability of THE WATCHHOUSE shall be excluded.

In case of professional purchases, the liability of THE WATCHHOUSE is excluded for all indirect damages, operating and income loss, damage of costs possibly resulting from the purchase of the products.

Our products are not compatible with professional applications. THE WATCHHOUSE is not responsible for injuries as a result of professional activities.
The products that are on sale are in accordance with the Belgian law regarding this matter. If need be, the foreign customer has to apply to his own local authorities to check if the use of the product he wants to purchase is allowed in his country.


A warranty claim can only be requested if the buyer can present the original invoice regarding the purchased product.

The warranty doesn’t cover the following :

– The abnormal or non-conformal use of the products. In this respect we refer to the operating instructions which are delivered together with the articles and which have to be very carefully read in advance.

– The defaults resulting from a wrong use of the product and its consequences.

All second-handed watches have a warranty from 6 to 12 months, depending on the circumstances and starting on the date mentioned in the warranty document. During this period THE WATCHHOUSE commits itself to repair, free of charge, all existing manufacturing malfunctions on the one hand and on the other hand all possible failures that came into being during the warranty period. The transport will be charged to the customer.

There will be no warranty for watches in the next cases :

– A problem caused by an accident.

– A problem caused by a malfunction.

– A problem due to the lack of maintenance or caused by interventions of non authorized persons and as a consequence the damages caused by these actions.

– The wastage of the battery, of the bracelet, of the box and of the glass.

– A rust-eaten watch that is not a water-resistant one or that has been wrongly used depending on the depth of the water.

If you encounter a problem, please send your watch to our workshops.


The ordered products will be delivered in a box, together with the manual and the warranty.

To dispatch your order in the best possible conditions, the products will be wrapped up in a solid and specially therefore foreseen box. This way we can guarantee that its content is protected in the best possible way.


• 1st choice : pick up in the shop (free of charge)
You have the possibility of directly collecting your purchase in our store :
– Knokke : 91 Kustlaan, 8300 Knokke (tel. �)

• 2nd choice : delivery
– the purchase will be sent to the address of your choice
– shipping rates :
◦ Delivery by Bpack 24h Pro (only for delivery in Belgium)
– shipment : free of charge
– transport insurance : 0,5 % of the total amount.
◦ Delivery with Fedex
– shipment : 85 EUR (only delivery in the EU en in the UK + other countries upon request)
– transport insurance : 1% of the total amount.

All parcels are secured and insured. For maximum security, the shipments receive a tracking number sent to you when shipping.

The shipping costs will be calculated in a fixed way depending on the destination of the delivery. The amount of the order doesn’t matter. The delivery will be executed by FedEx.
All our products are insured during the shipment.
The delivery period depends on the country of delivering.

Thanks to FedEx. we are able to deliver within 48 hours starting from the workshops of THE WATCHHOUSE. This period is only given as an indication.
When the shipment starts, you will receive a follow-up number.

The buyer has no right to submit a claim for compensation nor interests or to cancel the order in case the purchaser exceeds the delivery period.

If there has been a delay in the proposed delivery period, the buyer has to acknowledge the delay by letter or by e-mail message to THE WATCHHOUSE. As a consequence, THE WATCHHOUSE will check with FedEx. what has gone wrong.
This investigation can last 21 working days. If during this time the article is sent back, THE WATCHHOUSE will immediately return it to the address of the buyer or to the address mentioned on the order form.

If the product is lost during these 21 working days, THE WATCHHOUSE will � as a compensation � ask the reimbursement at FedEx. and will refund the customer afterwards.


The buyer has the right to renounce the purchase within a period of 14 working days starting from the delivery date onwards. The buyer who wants to use this right, has explicitely to send out a registered letter within the above proposed period. Attached to this registered letter, the buyer has to return the article in its original packing case (see also article 14). Then, the purchaser has 30 days starting from delivery date onwards to execute the reimbursement to the buyer.


Our customer service is at your disposal for resolving questions and/or problems.

Tel.: +3250/62.72.92
Fax: +3250/62.72.93

Email :


The Belgian laws shall exclusively apply for this contract.
In case of disputes at law, only the Belgian law is applicable and each dispute falls within the exclusive competence of Belgian courts.


THE WATCHHOUSE is a commercial brand. Each notification or complaint has to be addressed to the company that markets this brand, in this case to :

BVBA G.V.P. ENJOY, Louise Avenue 205-207 box 4 B-1050 Brussels.

Within 14 working days starting from the delivery date onwards, the buyer has the right to cancel his purchase – without any costs or indication of reason.